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How to Use CBD for Muscle Recovery After a Workout

CBD for muscle recovery

Even if you love to workout and be fit, post workout soreness is still a drag. No one wants tender muscles – or worse – muscle pain. Say goodbye to OTC pain relievers. These days, athletes and others who’re committed to fitness are turning to CBD for muscle recovery.

But why?

As you know very well, post workout pain can make daily life more difficult for a few days, and recovery is slow. Typically, when pain strikes, we reflexively reach for the bottle of ibuprofen or naproxen (Advil or Aleve), but research shows NSAIDS may do more harm than good, especially when taken on a regular basis.

Since CBD is well tolerated by most people with little to no side effects, many athletes are using it to speed up recovery time and bring pain relief.

So, what’s the deal? How does CBD help muscle recovery and how can it work for you?

What Causes Your Post Workout Muscle Soreness?

You’ve probably heard that a good workout breaks down your muscles so they can rebuild during recovery. Pain is gain…or so they say. Turns out that’s an accurate description. Whether you’re new to exercise or are a fitness veteran, when you push your muscles, they become fatigued. Muscle fatigue is due to microscopic muscle tears and inflammation. Ouch!

Your muscles react to this trauma by tightening, contracting, and even cramping, none of which are good for athletic performance. When you use CBD for muscle recovery after a workout, the therapeutic benefits combat these negative effects.

Speed Up Recovery Time

How Does CBD Help Muscle Recovery?

Scientific studies have shown that adequate doses of CBD reduce inflammation and pain. Check out our article Is CBD for Pain Relief Effective? to learn more about your body’s EC system and how CBD relieves pain.

The good news is that you can experience relief whether you apply CBD salve directly to your muscles or take it orally. How you take it is up to you. At the right dosage, many people experience pain relief while reducing inflammation, which decreases post workout recovery time and allows you to return to your fitness routine sooner.

As a bonus, CBD also aids in sleep. While it might not cure chronic insomnia, studies have show that it reduces anxiety, as well as pain. Since it tends to calm and relax you both mentally and physically, many people experience a better night’s sleep, which is a huge benefit when using CBD for muscle recovery.

How Do I Use CBD for Post Workout Recovery?

First, decide which type of CBD product you prefer. Some people find one they like and then stick with it. Others like to combine them by taking an edible, like gummies, with a salve or tincture. You can always start with one and add other forms later.

Not sure which to try first? Check out our articles:

If you want to use CBD for muscle recovery, take it as soon as possible after finishing your workout. The onset time varies depending upon which form you choose. (Refer to articles above.)

You’re probably wondering about dosage. It’s not one-size fits all, unfortunately. Different people respond to different amounts of CBD. Most scientific studies involve doses ranging between 20 and 1,500 milligrams per day.

Experts recommend starting small and gradually increasing your dose until you get relief or feel the desired therapeutic effect. Start with 25 or 50 mg per day then increase the dose by 5-10 mg at a time. It might take a few weeks for you to determine what works best for your post workout recovery.

As always, talk with your doctor before using CBD or any supplement.

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