Our Story

Valerie Larsen & Bridget Fredericks started on their CBD journey about a year ago. Looking for non-toxic, healthy alternatives to prescription medicine and finding more pure substances to sustain our lives is the important foundation of this partnership between Valerie and Bridget.  Different paths for us have converged to bring us together today to help all of you.

Picture of Bridget and her family
Bridget & Family

Bridget struggled with migraines.  “I have tried all sorts of things for migraine relief from pharmaceuticals to acupuncture. Never getting the relief I needed.”  One day someone said she should try vaping CBD.  So, she did.  “With migraine medicine it would take at least an hour, sometimes two, to get any relief and once the pain had been mitigated, I was left feeling clammy and nauseous.  When I tried vaping CBD, I found the pain was completely gone within 30 minutes with absolutely no residual effects.”  This left Bridget intrigued as to what else CBD can help with.  Bridget began learning about CBD, where it comes from, why it helps, and what it can do.  Bridget and Valerie met in 2016 through business networking and they became fast friends.  Bridget became a customer of Valerie’s, by purchasing non-toxic products from her.  And Valerie became a customer of Bridget’s geek services helping with her techy needs.

Picture of Valerie and her dog, Gracie.
Valerie & Family

Valerie, a now 5+ year cancer survivor, has long been on the path of non-toxic living.  Valerie’s focus has always been on educating people about the ingredients that go into their bodies.  Valerie found that often we may be very aware of eating healthy and exercising, but not paying attention to what we slather all over our faces and bodies to get clean.  This had her thinking about other things that we put in our bodies, like medicines for anxiety and pain, and the possible side effects of those medicines.  She, too, was led to CBD.  But, Valerie wasn’t so quick to try it without doing some research.  In conversation one night, over a healthy meal Bridget and Valerie began discussing CBD and comparing notes on what each had learned.  The two set out to learn even more!

We located a high quality processor of the hemp flower and started asking questions about how the cannabinoids are extracted from the flower, what other ingredients were going into the final product, and making suggestions.  We knew very quickly that this would be a good relationship.  One in which we could bring a CBD product to you that extracts the full range of cannabinoids from the flower using a pure process to ensure that we all get the health benefits without the nasty side effects of toxic ingredients.  As an added bonus, the hemp that is processed by our manufacturer is all grown in the USA.

From this, Pure Botanical Wellness was born and founded in 2018.  We are committed to supplying a high quality product.  The products we supply are triple tested by an outside lab to ensure potency and quality.  The hemp derived CBD products provided here have a stamp of approval from the owners of this business.  If you have any specific questions about any of the products please contact us and ask away.  We believe in transparency.  We believe in purity.  We believe in healthy, successful lives for us and for you.  We look forward to being your premier supplier of CBD products.