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CBD Oil for Cancer: How Cannabidiol Could Help

CBD oil for cancer

CBD oil for cancer is receiving a lot of attention lately, especially as scientists continue to uncover the many ways this cannabis derivative impacts human health and wellness. If you’re wondering about the latest research and how CBD impacts cancer, then keep reading for all the important details.

CBD for Cancer Prevention

Officially, science hasn’t linked the use of CBD to cancer prevention, although studies have yielded mixed results on the issue. The medical world claims that more extensive research must be done, especially for determining what type of cancers and how much CBD oil for cancer prevention is effective.

But there’s more to the story. The National Cancer Institute concludes that there’s a direct correlation between chronic inflammation and cancer. Typical inflammation is part of the body’s healing process and is meant to be temporary, but for some people, it lingers on. Doctors can’t always pinpoint the specific reason for prolonged or chronic inflammation. Over time, it can damage DNA and lead to cancer.

Here is where CBD oil for cancer prevention has merit. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory agent, because it activates your own body’s Endocannabinoid System (EC System), which fights pain and inflammation throughout the body. (For more on how this works, see our article Is CBD for Pain Relief Effective? )That’s what we know. What we don’t know is exactly how much CBD is required to reduce chronic inflammation and thereby lower cancer risk.

The best approach is to slowly increase your CBD dosage until you find a level that improves your symptoms and helps you generally feel better. If it’s hard for you to judge based upon symptoms, you can also have your doctor run blood tests to monitor chronic inflammation. This could help you know when you’ve found the right CBD dosage for fighting inflammation and potentially reducing your cancer risk.

CBD for Cancer Treatment

It’s true that chewing a pack of CBD gummies each day won’t cure a person’s cancer – but I’m sure you knew that. The team at Pure Botanical Wellness doesn’t make outlandish claims about CBD as a cure all. However, we do make a point to keep up with scientific research and know the therapeutic effects hemp oil has for our customers.

It’s important that a cancer patient continue traditional cancer treatments under a doctor’s supervision. But don’t count CBD out just yet. There is science-backed evidence suggesting that when CBD is administered clinically and strategically, it enhances radiation therapy by inhibiting “metastasis or invasion” of additional cancer cells. In other words, it can help stop the cancer from spreading while undergoing traditional treatments.

What about CBD oil and cancer treatment side effects? It can help with some of them, but when it comes to nausea and loss of appetite, most research shows relief coming from cannabis’s psychoactive component called THC, which is not found in most legal CBD products, such as what we sell on our website. (Our products contain less than .3% THC per federal and state law.)

So, if you’re looking for relief from cancer or its treatments that doesn’t get you high, CBD offers comprehensive pain relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties. We recommend a tincture or capsule for relief throughout the body.

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