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How CBD Can Help You Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions

CBD and New Year's Resolutions

CBD can help with New Year’s resolutions by crushing your health and wellness goals. As you begin compiling a list of potential goals for the new year in your head and mull over which of them to commit to for 2020, consider including CBD in your plans. Why? Whether you’re a fan of New Year’s resolutions or not – the truth is that we all need some self-improvement and to make better choices for ourselves. So, if you’re all-in for a healthier you, check out our top 3 ways CBD can help you in 2020!

1. Kick the Habit

Addiction is very real, and in our high-stress, no-mercy society, the social, emotional, and financial pressures can become unbearable at times. If you’re prone to addictions, then you might’ve learned to cope with these pressures by using cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, or even food. (No judgement here!)

But if your goal is to kick an unhealthy, addictive habit, then studies suggest legal CBD (less than .3% THC) is a friend you want in your corner!

How can CBD help with New Year’s resolutions like these? It helps make you less vulnerable to relapse by calming your reaction to craving-causing triggers like sights, sounds, smells, and even your own thoughts. Physical addiction is powerful but much of the battle is fought in the mind, and this can be toughest part of addiction to overcome. When taking CBD, these studies suggest you’ll have fewer intrusive thoughts about the addictive substance and increase your odds of beating addiction.

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2. Lose the Weight

Many of us want to drop those extra pounds to improve our health and vanity, which is why losing weight is the one of the top goals for every new year. But did you realize CBD can help with New Year’s resolutions such as weight loss in important ways?

CBD helps decrease anxiety levels, which means less stress, lower cortisol levels, and less abdominal fat.  

Cortisol is an adrenal hormone released at an increased rate during periods of stress. It leads to food cravings and fat storage. This excess fat accumulates around the abdomen and is otherwise referred to as “stubborn belly fat”.

A consistent CBD regimen can help lower those anxiety and cortisol levels, which helps avert food cravings and drop those inches!

But that’s not all! Studies show CBD boosts metabolism by interacting with specific receptors in the brain that influence metabolism and fat-burning capabilities. Not only does CBD help your burn fat more efficiently, but it also helps your body convert unhealthy “white fat” into healthier, metabolism-friendly “brown fat”. No kidding!

3. Get in Shape

CBD can help with New Year’s Resolutions, like getting in shape, because it makes your workout routine more effective. Here’s three important ways to use CBD to your advantage:

Take CBD tinctures or capsules before your workout for better focus, less anxiety, and lower blood pressure. If you go into your workout with your mind and body in balance – not hyped up from stress and struggling to focus – your workout is more productive. Not only is your workout more effective, but you’ll have more energy afterwards. Consider that when you begin with a lower blood pressure and heartrate, your workout session will be less taxing on your body – and even more beneficial! Not to mention that increased focus greatly impacts your stamina and workout intensity.

Use a CBD topical after your workout to reduce recovery time and soreness. Follow the link to our previous article, How to Use CBD for Muscle Recovery After a Workout for more details. If you’ve used a tincture or capsule before your workout, still consider using a CBD salve (muscle rub) or oil after you’ve finished. Follow product instructions and use it to soothe sore muscles so you can bounce back more quickly and with less pain!

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