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How to Buy CBD: Which Type of CBD Is Right for You?

How to buy cbd

If you’re new to CBD and feel a little out of your element, then you’re probably wondering how to buy CBD and what type will work best for your needs. As you scroll through our website, you’ll see everything from lip balm to soft gels. Does it matter what type of CBD you buy? Yes, there are differences you’ll probably want to know about. We’re here to provide you with a crash course in how to buy CBD, specifically CBD products we offer in our online store.  

CBD for Relief Throughout the Body (Systemic Products)

If you want the therapeutic effects of CBD throughout your body to prevent and manage ailments, then buy CBD in an ingestible form for widespread relief. Tinctures and soft gels afford the longest-lasting effects, usually 4 to 8 hours or more, depending on the person.


Our tinctures contain organic olive oil infused with a liquid CBD concentrate. The olive oil, (a.k.a. carrier oil) helps your body absorb the liquified CBD. Tinctures are held under your tongue for about 10 seconds and are quickly absorbed into your arterial blood supply. Despite the quick absorption, it will take about an hour for you to feel the full effect.

But why buy CBD products containing olive oil?

Olive oil is the safest and most well tolerated CBD carrier oil and also has its own very positive health benefits.  Other popular carrier oils can cause GI side effects we don’t want to talk about here!

Flavored CBD Tinctures

Soft Gels

Our soft gels contain full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD in an organic olive oil carrier. They provide widespread, therapeutic effects, just like tinctures, but they have a longer onset time. Since CBD soft gels must travel through your digestive system rather than being directly absorbed into the blood stream. It will take more than an hour before you start feeling any effects.

Many people opt to buy CBD soft gels, because they’re more familiar with pills than tinctures and are more comfortable with this form.

If you have trouble swallowing pills or want a quicker onset time, you might prefer a CBD tincture.   

Vape Juice

Our CBD Vape Juice products are made from CBD isolate, meaning they contain 99% pure CBD crystals. The crystals have been pulverized into a powder that’s easily vaporized using a vape pen or other vaping method.

When you buy CBD in this form, you can expect to feel the effects immediately after use. Inhaling vaporized CBD oil (think e-cigs for CBD) allows the compounds to absorb into your bloodstream directly from the lungs. Depending on the individual, the effects will last anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Our vape juice contains no nicotine and no THC. It will not produce any type of high. However, if you have a lung condition or are concerned about how vaping may affect your lung health, you may prefer to buy CBD products in other forms, such as soft gels or tinctures.

Researchers are still studying the health effects of vaping, and especially vaping CBD juice.

Salves, Oils, Lip Balms

CBD for Localized Relief (Topicals)

Our localized CBD products are simply topicals that only affect the area where you apply them. They’re typically used to relieve muscle and joint pain and come in various forms such as salves or rubs, oils, and even lip balms.

You apply topicals directly to the skin and can expect to feel effects in as little as 15 minutes. You’ll continue to experience relief for hours and can reapply as needed.

If you want to buy CBD products to provide relief for achy muscle and joints without ingestion, then our topicals may be the best type of CBD for you.

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